Email scam warning

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A COMPUTER scam is targeting elderly people in Great Cornard, according to a Neighbourhood Watch member.

Christopher Berg, from Broom Street, said: “Two of my members have rung me in the last few days to complain.

“You get a phone call from a very kind-sounding gentleman saying a fault has been detected in your email system which could leave you vulnerable.”

Mr Berg, who is a Neighbourhood Watch group treasurer and has worked in computers since the 1960s, explained that the callers claim to be from BT or Microsoft, and proceed to ask victims for passwords to their systems.

“Once they are in, they wipe the whole lot out – they get bank details, credit card details, everything within hours,” he said.

“Most people smell a rat when they are told there’s no charge, but a lot of elderly people are getting into computers and unfortunately they are the targets. Some people just fall for these things, but it’s a case of making sure people are aware.”

Stuart Aston, Microsoft UK’s chief security advisor, said scams of this kind were nothing new.

“We are aware of scams involving people claiming to be from Microsoft and needing remote access to consumers’ PCs,” he said. “These scams are not new.

“Do not to trust any caller claiming to be from Microsoft and needing access to your home PC.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Fraudsters will try anything to get you to part with your personal details, passwords or cash and this is just one of a number of scams.

“If you believe you might be being set up as a target for fraud or have been a victim and need advice, contact Suffolk Constabulary on 101.”