Dog attacks: second case reported

A mystery dog that may have attacked several other dogs on public spaces in Sudbury has sparked concern.

The dog is described as large and black and is thought to be either a labrador or a small sized rottweiler.

It has been spotted in the Sudbury area by members of the public in recent weeks and is thought to be responsible for two attacks on other dogs and one attempted attack on a person.

Sharon Davis, 51, was left shocked and upset after a Chinese-crested dog she was caring for was attacked by the dog during a walk on the green just yards from her home, off Second Avenue, at around 12.30pm on October 27.

She said: “This big dog just came out of nowhere and jumped on top of the poor little dog we were looking after.

“My son and his friend tried to get this dog off but our little dog ended up getting his lead caught and it snapped off.

“The next thing I know our dog just ran off and disappeared.”

After a two-day search that involved taxi drivers, fellow dog walkers and a campaign on social networking site Facebook, the dog was eventually spotted by two men who followed him all the way from Sudbury to Great Cornard before taking him to Ardmore Vets to be reunited with a frantic Sharon.

The dog has now been reunited with its owners but Sharon says she fears the mystery dog may the same one that attacked a Staffordshire bull terrier in Sudbury a week before.

As reported in the Free Press last week, dog owners Matthew Clark and Mary Carter had to pay out £500 in vet bills after five-year-old Alfie was mauled by a mystery dog bearing the same description in Acton Lane.

Ms Carter, whose daughter Rebecca is pictured above, also claimed she had seen the same dog trying to attack her neighbour and running around People’s Park.

Anyone with information is asked to call Suffolk Police on 101.