Crime falls in Cornard

A DRIVE to reduce burglaries and garden thefts in Great Cornard involving night-time police patrols has been successful, parish councillors were told this week.

Pc Gavin Goldfinch said the number of reported crimes for June were lower than the same time last year and the initiative, which also involved 300 door-to-door calls, had proved to be worthwhile.

At Great Cornard Parish Council’s meeting on Monday night, councillors were told the number of shed burglaries had dropped from 15 to three, and car crime from 17 to six, for June 2012 compared with June 2011.

He said: “Crime is down. There were 52 reported crimes in May and 34 in June. We have carried out a lot of work in Great Cornard to reduce the amount of car crime and burglaries and to catch people.

“Most of these crimes happen at night when it is dark. There have been a lot of plain clothes patrols from 8pm to 5am and this has involved officers both driving and walking around the estates and streets and stopping and talking to anyone. We have also been doing more uniform patrols.”

He said homes in Bures Road had been given leaflets advising householders on how to secure outbuildings and about the fact that shed alarms are available for £8.

Pc Goldfinch added that he hoped the initiative would see a further reduction in crime in Great Cornard next month.