Credit card scam victim’s warning

A Leavenheath man has warned shoppers after an elderly friend had her credit card stolen at a Sudbury supermarket.

Lilian Osborne, who is in her mid-80s, was packing her shopping into her car at Tesco in Sudbury when she was approached by a man and a woman.

“The woman tapped Lilian on the shoulder and said she had dropped £10,” said Neil Fry, a friend of Mrs Osborne’s.

The woman, described as in her mid-30s, around 5ft 8in tall and of slim build with a dark complexion, insisted that Mrs Osborne had dropped the money and asked her to get her handbag so she could put it back.

“This woman put her hand into the purse and must have slid out Lilian’s credit card,” said Mr Fry, who looks after Mrs Osborne and her husband.

A man, who accompanied the woman, is described as tanned with short, dark hair, 5ft 6in tall and of medium build.

Mrs Osborne discovered the card was gone when she went to pay for some petrol at the nearby Tesco filling station. She informed a passing police officer who took her to Barclays to cancel the card. No money had been spent on the account.

“She was very upset and flustered – luckily the police officer was wonderful with her,” said Mr Fry.

“I want to warn people of this scam. It could happen in any car park near shops.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Police advised people to be suspicious of anyone approaching when using cashpoints or when they have purses open.

Anyone with information or who spots anything suspicious should call Suffolk Police on 101.