Calls for police to crack down on A134 drivers

More needs to be done by police to stop dangerous driving causing accidents on the A134 near Sudbury, a motorist has claimed.

Shimpling resident Kris Notley, who regularly drives on the road between Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds, claimed he has seen several accidents there, including a three-car smash in Alpheton last Tuesday which saw a woman taken to hospital.

Mr Notley, 40, said: “You see some appalling driving but not a police presence.

“I’ve seen drivers overtaking on corners, across double white lines – you have to take into account drivers coming head on and deer coming from the side as well.”

He said a more frequent police presence could help cut the number of accidents.

“There isn’t an infinite amount of resources but there needs to be a realisation from the police, as well as the powers that be and the public,” said Mr Notley.

“Unless something is done, we will still be here talking about potential accidents and deaths in 18 months’ time.”

Terry Scripps, who lives in Maldon Court, Great Cornard, drives along the A134 on his way to work near Newmarket and said some problems are caused by frustration at slow drivers and a lack of overtaking points.

He said: “People don’t drive to the speed limit or the conditions and it gets frustrating.

“You can drive for miles stuck behind someone doing 40 miles per hour all the way on that road.”

Ken Watkins, chairman of Alpheton Parish Council, said the issue had been raised with Suffolk County Council’s highways department, which carried out a speed check on the bends coming into Alpheton from Sudbury two weeks ago.

“The average speed was 33 miles per hour in both directions, which isn’t that excessive given the 30 mph limit,” said Mr Watkins.

“There have been a number of crashes and we have asked highways to consider changing the road surface to make it less skiddy.”

Sergeant Kevin Horton, from Babergh West Safer Neighbourhood Team, said police were aware of the issues and would be looking into them.

A council spokeswoman said recent skid tests on the A134 in Alpheton showed the road was in good condition.