Burglars steal £20,000 worth of equipment from Kersey school

More than £20,000 worth of laptops and computer tablets have been stolen from Kersey Primary School.

Raiders broke into the school in Cherry Hill by smashing a window between 11am on Monday and 11am the following day. Once inside the burglars stole 26 laptops and eight tablets, valued at more than £20,000.

Police are investigating potential links between the break-in and other similar burglaries at schools across the county in recent months.

Detective Inspector Nick Power said: “We are appealing for anyone with information in relation to these offences to come forward. There are people out there who know who is responsible.

“If you have been offered computing equipment in recent months and you are not sure where it came from, or if you know of anyone who may be connected to these crimes, we would urge you to come forward.

“We are continuing to work with schools in the county to encourage them to do all they can to ensure the security of their buildings and equipment.”

Anyone with information in relation to the burglary should contact Suffolk Police on 101.