Burglars on the prowl

POLICE have issued a warning to keep outbuildings locked following a spate of break-ins across the area.

Between the start of August and the end of the October, more than 80 garages, barns, sheds and workshops were broken into in south Suffolk.

In a number of these cases, the buildings were left unlocked with thieves stealing lawnmowers, bicycles, trailers and petrol.

Verity Line, crime reduction officer for Babergh at Suffolk Police, said: “We are urging everyone, particularly farmers and tradesmen, to securely lock away all tools, trailers and even scrap metal using good-quality, closed-shackled padlocks.

“Mesh or bars should also be fixed on outbuilding windows to conceal a property and deter criminals from breaking in.”

Mrs Line said it was wise to properly mark equipment with UV pens or SmartWater – a crime prevention technique which uses a special liquid to identify valuables – to help trace any items if they are stolen.

“I know many residents and workers in Suffolk feel safe but we really need to get the message across that personal belongings and items, no matter what their value, need to be kept safe and secure,” added Mrs Lane.

For further advice on building security, call your local crime reduction officer on 101.