Burglars’ jewellery haul from Stanstead home

Burglars stole diamond rings and gold watches from a 69–year–old Stanstead woman’s home while she was away for Christmas

Julia Stone was called back from celebrating the new year with family in Kent after her home in The Green was broken into between December 23 and New Year’s Eve.

“They had smashed the door in, they didn’t worry about the locks,” said Mrs Stone, who has lived in Stanstead all her life.

“They took six gold rings, including wedding rings and four gold watches, one of which I was given for my 21st birthday – one was my mum’s and one was my mother–in–law’s.”

A second house, nearby in Upper Street, was also broken into between 10am on December 30 and 1.30pm on Wednesday, while the elderly resident was in hospital recovering from a broken pelvis, according to Mrs Stone.

A window was smashed and an untidy search of the property was made, although it is currently unclear whether anything was stolen.

Police said the crimes were being linked. Anyone with information should contact police on 101.

See Thursday’s Free Press for the full story.