Burglaries on the rise

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POLICE patrols have been stepped up in Essex after a spate of house burglaries.

Thirteen homes have been targeted in Halstead, Sible Hedingham and the surrounding area, prompting fresh warnings.

Stephen Armson-Smith, crime reduction advisor for Braintree, said that many of the break-ins could be avoided.

“With a lot of burglaries, we have found that entry has been from the rear of the house,” he said.

“If that initial attraction to the burglar is removed, then you are less likely to become a victim.”

Mr Armson-Smith said that where possible residents should prevent access to the rear of their property with good fencing and padlocked gates.

They should also ensure that all windows and doors are locked, the house appears occupied at all times – by using lamps on timers and leaving a radio on – and an alarm fitted.

For more crime reduction advice, call Mr Armson-Smith on 101, ext 400152.