‘Blocks could kill someone’

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BRICKS and concrete which may have been thrown on to roads from footbridges in Sudbury “could have killed someone”, according to a community warden.

Two grapefruit-sized blocks were discovered last week below the bridge running across the entrance to Grenville Road, off Springlands Way, while a concrete slab was found nearby in Acton Lane, with further debris in Second Avenue.

Bradley Smith, Sudbury community warden, said: “It looks like someone has deliberately thrown these blocks down on to the road.”

He believes they could present a real danger to motorists passing under the bridges.

“They could kill someone if they hit them,” he said. “It is a concern, especially with the bridges in Second Avenue and Drake Road going back up soon.”

A Suffolk Police spokeswoman said no incidents relating to objects being thrown from bridges had been reported.

“Anyone who witnesses items being thrown from bridges on to a public highway or indeed at passing vehicles should call the police immediately,” she said.

“Incidents of this nature are taken very seriously by Suffolk Police and can cause considerable damage or have significant consequences.”