Crime down by more than 400 in town

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Sudbury has had an “outstanding” year in terms of crime reduction and increased volunteers, according to the town’s police chief.

Inspector Paul Crick said that, overall, the town had seen a 13 per cent drop in crime – a decline of 413 incidents – in the last 12 months compared to 2011.

He said it was particularly pleasing that there had been a significant fall in the number of anti-social behaviour incidents recorded, with 752 fewer incidents taking place – a reduction of nearly 30 per cent.

“It has been an outstanding year in terms of crime numbers,” said Mr Crick.

“These results follow a great deal of targeted work aimed at the night-time economy and licensing regulations as well as partnership actions taken against offenders.”

The trend in falling crime was followed on New Year’s Eve with police receiving 12 calls from people in the Sudbury area, resulting in three arrests.

“It was a reasonably steady night given that we anticipated increased calls and there was significant improvement from previous years when these numbers were effectively doubled,” said Mr Crick.

Despite the drop in crime, Mr Crick said he was still concerned about the unresolved arson attack which saw three tankers set alight at UKay Fuels’ depot in Hadleigh, while extra resources were currently being put into tackling burglary.

He added that although police were facing budget cuts, the town had not been adversely affected.

“Frontline officer numbers have been maintained and a number of new recruits are filtering through to Sudbury,” said Mr Crick.

“We have also seen an expansion in the number of volunteers linked to the station and now have three community streetwatch schemes.”

He said the police aimed to continue to keep the area a safe place to live and work in the coming year.