Couple up for the challenge of running pub

The new landlords of one of the country’s oldest pubs are looking to embrace the “pub atmosphere” after throwing a party to mark the transition.

Peter Miller and his wife Jessica took over the running of the The Red Rose, also known as the Lindsey Rose, in Lindsey, near Hadleigh, last Wednesday.

On Friday, after completing a makeover of the 15th century pub’s interior, they held a party for regulars and new customers.

“We wanted to do something which was a bit fresher,” said Peter, who has worked at the pub for seven years and is the head chef.

“The menu is the same sort of thing, but it is a bit bigger and we are looking to encourage a pub atmosphere.

“The work we have done is mainly cosmetic and it creates an illusion that something has changed.”

The 38-year-old said the pub would now be offering a wider selection of real ales, and hoped the couple’s experience would stand them in good stead.

“We have been managing the pub and decided to take that step to being landlords,” said Mr Miller.

“It is good to have that experience, as we know how hard it can be and we know the clientele.

“I can’t think of another pub like this and, although it is not a quiet pub, we want to make it busier.”