Council to rule on pay and bonuses for staff

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Pay levels for top officers, as well as low-paid council staff, will be placed under the spotlight at a full council meeting of Babergh District Council on Tuesday.

Councillors have to agree a pay policy statement every year, and it has to include levels of pay as well as any use of performance-related pay, bonuses and redundancy payments.

Council papers reveal there are four strategic directors earning between £73,000 and £86,000, and seven heads of service earning between £53,000 and £63,000.

The salary range for chief executive Charlie Adan is £99,000 to £115,000 – significantly lower than previous chief executives. She also receives fees as a returning officer for county, district and parish council elections.

HR and organisation manager Jeanette Bray said: “The intention is that, following the integration of the staffing structure, a single policy will be adopted for subsequent years.”

Although the pay policy has to be set under the Localism Act 2011, she said the council had the autonomy to make its own decisions on pay.

She said: “Babergh recognises that, in the context of managing scarce public resources, remuneration at all levels needs to be adequate to secure and retain high-quality employees dedicated to the service of the public.

“But at the same time, it needs to avoid being unnecessarily generous or otherwise excessive.

“The council’s ability to continue to attract and retain high-calibre leaders, particularly during times of financial challenge, is critical if the councils are to retain and improve their current performance levels and deliver for local people.”

Babergh and Mid-Suffolk district councils are sharing staff and services to save money, and there are 40 management posts where officers are paid in recognition of the fact they work for both councils.

However, a new integrated pay structure for the rest of the staff is to be implemented.

Because the councils are working with two pay structures, they are setting separate pay policies this year.