Council tax may rise 3.5%

COUNCIL tax looks set to rise by 3.5 per cent as Babergh District Council attempts to combat the “challenging” years ahead.

The decision was made in principle by the council’s overview and scrutiny committee, at a meeting on Tuesday, as members deliberated options to make up a £350,000 shortfall in the savings required for next year’s budget.

It is thought the increase would generate savings of £160,000 a year and residents would have to pay around £5 extra a year on their band D property tax bill.

A vote on the issue saw two councillors in favour of a 2.5 per cent rise, five for the council tax freeze and seven for the 3.5 per cent increase.

The final decision on the council tax rise will be made when the district council’s final budget is approved in February.

Options for further staff savings, reductions in services, including public toilets, and the use of the Government’s New Homes Bonus are also expected to be made at this time.