Council set to approve closure of care home

Hadleigh residents have expressed their shock at the news that Angel Court residential care home is facing the threat of closure.

The 1960s-built home in Angel Street, which houses 29 elderly, mostly dementia patients, and its day care centre will close in June, 2014, if plans by Suffolk County Council are approved next week.

It is one of 16 county-run care homes that will move into the private sector and be run by Care UK.

This week, the council announced that the homes would be replaced by 10 new, purpose-built homes and day centres, with Angel Court set to be replaced by a new home being built next April, opening in May 2014.

All permanent staff at Hadleigh will transfer to Care UK on their current terms and conditions.

The future of the care home has been in the balance for two years after the county council announced it was to look at ways to run and manage the homes in future, and it began consultations with the staff, relatives and carers.

Hadleigh South councillor Kathryn Grandon said: “I have been round Angel Court and it is a beautiful and caring environment. Not only does it have full-time, 24-hour care, it also operate as a day centre.

“I can’t speak in an official capacity but personally I feel it is quite sad this is happening to Angel Court. It is a concerning matter.”

Brian Hempstead, who helps at St Mary’s Church in Hadleigh, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard. We hold regular monthly services at the day centre and they are always regularly attended.”

County councillor Colin Noble said he had spoken with residents and they would have the option to move now or stay in Hadleigh at another care home if they wanted.

“There were some concerns and we will continue to work hard to ensure everyone is reassured about how the proposed changes will be managed.”