Council response over bridge is a joke, says mum

A mother worried about the state of a Sudbury footbridge has described a council’s comments, in answer to her safety concerns, as a joke.

Kirsty Trevatt, from Beatty Road, highlighted her fears about the state of a footbridge in Springlands Way in last week’s Free Press, saying wooden boards were rotten, loose and with raised edges.

But, in response, Suffolk County Council has said that the bridge is in an “acceptable state of repair”. A spokeswoman said: “The county council’s highways team carried out a site inspection of the bridge last week.

“We will, however, continue to monitor the situation and will look to make further improvements when additional funding becomes available.”

Mrs Trevatt said: “The bridge is an accident waiting to happen; other bridges have been replaced that were not as bad. I think the council’s response is a joke.”