Council in u-turn over parking law

MOTORISTS in Sudbury and Hadleigh will be able to leave their vehicles in the towns’ long-stay car parks for up to three days from this week.

Drivers are currently only allowed to stay for a maximum of 24 hours and have to leave a four-hour gap before buying a new ticket, but proposals to allow parking for up to 72 hours have recently been approved by Babergh District Council.

The changes are being put in place after officers at the council carried out a review of the way in which car parking spaces at Sudbury Station and Station Road in Sudbury, and Magdalen Road in Hadleigh were being used.

They found that people were unhappy that, after charges were brought in for stays of longer than three hours in October last year, they could face a fine of up to £45 if they could not return to their car within a day.

Other changes brought in by the authority include allowing permit holders to be able to use any of the three long-stay car parks instead of having to nominate just one, while parking fines will rise from £45 to £55 from Monday.

The cost of an annual parking permit remains at £250.

For the full story see last week’s Free Press.