Combine harvester “wrecked” by fire

SAFETY: Fire crews brought the combine fire under control.
SAFETY: Fire crews brought the combine fire under control.
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A serious field fire was narrowly averted after a combine harvester caught fire.

The machinery, which was being used in a field in Newmans Green, Acton, became alight at around 3.30pm on Wednesday.

Barry Palmer, from First Avenue, in Sudbury, was driving past at the time and stopped to help.

“I just saw flames coming from the combine and I said to myself ‘that should not be happening,” said Mr Palmer.

“The fire got so hot the driver burnt his back in the cab. It was lucky it didn’t spread to the field.”

Firefighters from Sudbury and Long Melford attended the blaze and put it out at around 4.30pm.

“The firefighters said it the first combine fire they had encountered for three years,” said Mr Palmer.

“It must have been 20 years old. After the fire, it was a wreck.”

Earlier in the day, fire crews were called to a field fire in Sherbourne Street, Edwardstone.

Around two acres of stubble and 100 metres of hedgerow were on fire. It took Sudbury and Melford crews around an hour to bring the fire under control after arriving on the scene at 2.35pm.