Collectors amazed as shoppers donate £6,500 to typhoon

HELPING OUT: Laurie Reynolds and Phil Ivins from Sudbury Rotary club and Sudbury Talbot.
HELPING OUT: Laurie Reynolds and Phil Ivins from Sudbury Rotary club and Sudbury Talbot.

Sudbury has come to the aid of typhoon survivors in the Philippines by raising more than £6,000 in three days.

Rotarian Valerie Goodchild, who helped to organise last week’s appeal, said the clubs had been amazed by people’s generosity.

She said: “The response from the people living, working and visiting Sudbury on Thursday, Friday and Saturday completely staggered us all.

“When Sudbury’s two Rotary clubs got together, we hoped we’d raise about £3,000 to purchase shelter boxes, water survival boxes and other urgently-needed humanitarian aid for those made homeless in the Philippines.”

Mrs Goodchild, a Sudbury Talbot Rotarian, said: “On our first day, we were astonished to discover that our buckets and boxes were stuffed with notes and coins totalling £2,100.

“As it was market day, we did not dare hope that the following day’s collections would be anywhere near as much.

“When the count was completed on Friday evening, we were absolutely flabbergasted to find we’d collected £2,280. The final day’s coins and notes were bagged ready for banking to reveal £2,110.”

Val Tyrrell, president of Sudbury Talbot Rotary Club, said: “The people of Sudbury have surpassed themselves in their generosity, helping us achieve a final total of £6,500 in just three days.”

The money collected will purchase 10 shelter boxes at £590 each, plus four water survival boxes at £150 each. Each shelter box provides accommodation, bedding, cooking equipment, tools and water purification systems for 10 people.

The two clubs said they wanted to thank everyone who gave so generously and described it as a fantastic community effort, of which everyone should be proud for contributing to the appeal to help survivors.