Church art unveiled

A CHURCH painting, which took two years to get the go-ahead and to find the right design, was unveiled in the Lady Chapel at Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, today.

The Way Through by Lavenham artist Alison Englefield was unveiled by the Rev Ian Friars at 11.30am.

Clare Calder-Marshall, who is Alison’s business partner at The Crooked Gallery in Lavenham, said: “Ever since Alison moved to Lavenham from Cornwall 10 years ago, she has been fascinated by the old stained glass in Holy Trinity Church, and the peace and architecture of the Lady Chapel.

“She was asked to submit ideas for the space behind the altar and it took about two years to get the go-ahead and find the right design.”

The work is in four pieces and forms an arched window shape with the small gap between the panels forming a cross.