Christmas presents stolen in theft spate

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Police are linking a series of burglaries that have seen Christmas presents, computers and jewellery stolen.

All the burglaries took place on Friday and involved the raiders smashing their way through glass to get inside homes.

The first incident took place between 8am and 5pm in Lombardy Road, Sudbury, when two bags of presents and a laptop were taken. Burglars had broken through a glass patio door.

In the same street and around a similar time, another laptop, designer sunglasses, watch and a ring were stolen after a hole was made through glass in a door. The key in the door was then used to gain entry.

The method was used once again in Priory Road, Sudbury, between 3.30pm and 7pm. A conservatory door was smashed and presents, including an iPod and tablet computer, along with two gold watches, taken.

Between 7.40am and 6pm in Rivish Lane, Long Melford, a patio door was broken and cash and jewellery stolen.

A neighbour reported seeing a white transit van speeding away from the area at 2pm. Calls should be made to police on 101.