Charity to share out cash in Cornard

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STRUGGLING students from Great Cornard are being invited to apply for cash grants.

Great Cornard Town Land Charity is calling for residents in need of extra cash for textbooks or travel expenses to get in touch and make their case for additional funds.

Clerk Doris Rowland said the charity has previously given small sums to Great Cornard students needing books for university, help with transport costs and money for school trips.

“We’ve had to cut it down to around £20 each in recent years, but we have now acquired a little bit more money so we can offer up to £50,” she said.

The charity owns three acres of land near Carsons Drive which developer Persimmon Homes has paid to have an option to purchase as part of its plans to build 170 homes on the site. The additional money from the sale will be distributed to worthy applicants by the charity if permission is granted.

“As a charity, we are thrilled to have the money, but we are not so thrilled about an additional 170 houses in the village,” said Mrs Rowland.

“The money means we can do more and it is very much needed at this time.”

Martin Davidson, land director of Persimmon Homes Anglia said: “Hopefully planning permission will be achieved in the near future and we can purchase the land, allowing the charity to reinvest and distribute the money made from the sale within the local community.”

q To apply for funds, call Mrs Rowland on 01787 372315 or write to 4 Church Road, Great Cornard, CO10 0EL.