Charity boss not dead

VOLUNTEERS at a Leavenheath animal welfare charity were “shocked and horrified” to hear founder Maggie Jackaman had been declared dead on a social networking website.

However, Maggie, who runs Suffolk and Essex Small Animal Welfare (Sesaw) from her home in Stoke Road, is very much alive and well.

Fundraiser Pat Ferdinando said: “We were at a Sesaw sale at Leavenheath Village Hall when a woman burst in and said she’d seen that Maggie was dead on Facebook. Apparently, there is a message which reads ‘RIP Maggie Jackaman’.

“It isn’t true and some of the women helping were rather upset about it. We are trying to find out who put it on there, but we have no idea at the moment.

“We don’t know if it was on purpose or by accident – for example someone who told someone who told someone else and then put it on Facebook.

“Obviously it’s pretty upsetting, but Maggie is ok and making a joke of it. We are horrified to think someone might have done this on purpose.”

Since the revelation, the animal sanctuary received telephone calls from well-wishers who had also seen the same message.

“Maggie was getting phone calls from people who were expecting to give their condolences to her husband, Ron, and then were really shocked when they got her,” added Pat.

“It just brings it home to you how unpleasant it can be with the use of this kind of thing. We are just hoping it’s not malicious.”

The charity raised £175 from the fundraising sale.

ALIVE AND WELL: Maggie Jackaman.