Chance to share school memories

ON THE HUNT FOR MEMORIES: Association chairman Joyce Willis.
ON THE HUNT FOR MEMORIES: Association chairman Joyce Willis.

Whether you loved it or loathed it, everyone has a story to tell about their life at school.

It is these precious recollections that a group of former Sudbury Girls High School students want to tap into and, with the school they attended in the process of being demolished, the memories are all the more poignant.

Members of the Old Students’ Association will meet this weekend and are hoping the reunion will provide material for a memory book that is being made about the school in York Road, which opened in 1936 and later became Uplands Middle.

“We want to get the memories flooding back,” said Joyce Willis, chairman of the association.

“It is about hearing about the staff people liked, the ones which were more difficult and what former students got up to.”

The group normally meets twice a year and attracts around 60 former students. Last year, it uncovered a price list for the school uniform, which was available from Winch & Blatch, and is hoping to unearth similar finds.

“I am sure there are lots of people out there who we haven’t managed to get back into the fold and they must have some forgotten stories,” said Mrs Willis, who lives in Ramsey Road, Hadleigh, and went to the school from 1953 to 1959.

“We have had memories of people who went to school in the Second World War and can recall being on the playing field with planes flying over head.

“There are also tales of students getting snowed in and having to find somewhere to sleep for the night.”

The desire for information is now greater as the school is being knocked down.

“We are all very sad that it is being demolished,” said Mrs Willis, 71.

“We realise things have to move on but we hoped it could still be used in some sort of community capacity. It will be upsetting when it is gone.”