CCTV targets boy racers

THE installation of CCTV cameras at a Sudbury roundabout will send a message to rogue drivers who use the area as a racetrack, writes Neil Bracegirdle.

That is the view of town officials who have joined forces in a bid to stop boy racers speeding, pulling handbrake turns and even driving the wrong way around a roundabout behind Homebase in Waldingfield Road.

Three cameras have been installed – at a cost of £4,000 – following a series of complaints.

“Residents have been concerned about this for a long time and some have been kept awake for several hours early in the morning by the noise of these cars,” said Peter Clifford, chairman of Chilton Parish Council.

“This type of driving is a major concern and could result in fatalities.”

Inspector Paul Crick, from Sudbury Police, said the surveillance cameras will be a vital tool in catching dangerous drivers.

“These incidents are quite sporadic and tend to happen when the road is wet,” he said.

“The CCTV should provide evidence of dangerous driving which we can use to help bring a prosecution, but this is also about safety and education.”

Money for the cameras was provided by Sudbury Town Council, Chilton Parish Council and Babergh District Council.

Suffolk County councillor Colin Spence also contributed £1,000 from his locality budget – money set aside to be spent in local communities – after experiencing an example of dangerous driving.

“I was driving home with my wife late at night by the roundabout and was met by a car going the wrong way,” said Mr Spence.

“It was really disorientating and very scary. I am very pleased to support the cameras and, although it is sad we have to do this, there has been a lot of concern and this dangerous practice should not be condoned.”

Sudbury mayor Jack Owen added: “It is a deterrent and if one or two of the rogues are caught, then the message will get out.”