Cavendish sizzles as it tops the charts

Cavendish was officially the hottest place in the UK on Saturday, with a record temperature of 32.4°C.

As the rest of Britain experienced temperatures in the high 20s, Cavendish was sizzling in conditions normally reserved for the Mediterranean.

The record temperature – which was also the hottest day of the year so far – was recorded at a weather station in the village, which sends automated readings to the Met Office in Exeter.

But Saturday’s heatwave was just too warm for a lot of people.

Brian Kemp, from The Green, Cavendish, said: “I shall be 80 in a month’s time and I felt completely and utterly washed out.

“We were sweltering, it was very hot. I have been trying to mow the lawn for days and I keep having to go out and do a strip at a time because it’s far too hot.”

He said many people in the village had been surprised to see Cavendish top the temperature charts.

David Kirkman, from Peacocks Close, said: “The temperature readings from the Met Office used to be done manually but now they are automated and go straight to Exeter.

“I keep various thermometers around the house and I remember it reached 36°C a few years ago. We had some Australian friends staying with us at the time and they were amused that we thought it was so hot.”

“We did struggle a bit with the temperature on Saturday, it was not a comfortable temperature for us,” he added.

The highest recorded temperature in Cavendish was 35.2°C on August 3, 1990.