Campaigner: we could save lives with 20mph limit

A campaigner from Bildeston is urging council bosses to review its speed limits in towns and villages throughout the county.

Parish councillor Robert Lindsay, who has been leading a campaign to get a 20mph blanket speed limit in his village, is calling on Suffolk County Council to review speed restrictions.

His plea comes after a Freedom of Information request revealed that almost half of the 326 people killed or seriously injured on Suffolk’s roads last year were in 30mph zones.

He said: “All the evidence suggests that 20mph limits cut injuries and deaths for drivers as well as pedestrians, encourage walking and cycling, and improve air quality.

“Why can’t Suffolk County Council allow any village or community that wants a lower speed limit to have one?”

Last summer, the council announced that it was confident all its speed limits complied with the guidelines set by central government.

It refused fresh appeals to carry out new assessments on speed limits in order to make the best use of limited resources.

However, the authority is currently waiting for the results of a 20mph trial in Laxfield and Middleton before making a decision on Bildeston in the new year.