Calls for 20mph speed limit

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A Sudbury mother has spoken of her relief that no-one was killed after a car crashed into her home.

The Comber family were forced to leave their house in Friars Street after a car hit a curb, span across the road and smashed through their garden wall, narrowly avoiding a gas main.

Three fire crews were called to the scene, and the road was closed while the gas board ensured there was no leak.

The driver, George Edwards, was unhurt, but Kay Comber, who lives at the property with her husband James, 43, and children, Grace, 19, Rose, 18, and Miles, eight, said it was “very lucky that no-one was killed”.

Mrs Comber described hearing an “almighty bang” that “shook the whole building” as the family watched TV on Wednesday at around 9.15pm.

Going outside to survey the damage, Mr and Mrs Comber found a red Citroen Saxo had crashed into their car, smashed through their Victorian wall and taken out a tree, narrowly avoiding crashing into the house itself.

The vehicle ended up just metres away from where the family had been sitting.

“Our beautiful home is in ruins,” said Mrs Comber. “The car is an absolute mess – it will costs thousands to repair.”

A police spokesman said they were investigating the collision and “would decide whether any further action would be taken”.

The road was described as “an accident waiting to happen” by Mrs Comber.

“People drive so fast down here and we are not even on the bend,” she said. “They absolutely tear down the road.”

The 46-year-old said the road had a long history of prangs, bumps and near misses and said it “was only a matter of time before a serious crash happened”.

She said Mr Edwards was lucky to survive the incident, as were a cyclist and pedestrian who came past only seconds later.

“Five seconds later and someone would have been killed – you couldn’t have survived that,” she said. “They were very lucky.”

During school hours, the road is subject to an advisory 20mph limit due to its proximity to St Gregory’s School, two churches and a local youth group.

But Mrs Comber said this was being ignored by drivers, who were using the road as a rat-run to avoid the town’s one-way system.

The mother-of-three is now calling for a permanent 20mph speed limit on the road to avoid a more serious incident or even fatality.

Patrick Crew, a neighbour of the Comber family, said: “The accident waiting to happen, with younger drivers speeding down here at night, has happened.

“It was pure luck that no-one was hurt and that the house or other houses were not damaged further.”

He added: “We heard the impact and went outside within a few seconds of it happening. The lad was in obvious shock.

“It’s very lucky no-one was walking on the pavement.”