Calling all ringers

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A CALL has gone out for bell ringers to get ringing for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Derek Rose, from the Suffolk Guild of Ringers, says that Sudbury is short of campanologists – to give people who study bells their correct name – and there are only five willing volunteers in the town, with a total of 26 church bells to ring.

For the jubilee weekend, the guild needs more experienced bell ringers to come forward – and it would also like to hear from would-be bell ringers interested in learning.

Derek, 59, is guildmaster of the south west district of the Suffolk Guild of Ringers, covering Bures and Sudbury.

He has been ringing church bells for 50 years and, along with his older brother Murice, 68, followed in the footsteps of their late father Richard ‘Dick’ Rose who was a bell ringer most of his life.

He describes the pleasure he gets out of bell ringing as good fun in good company. “I love the company of the people who ring and you get a great buzz out of it,” he said.

“We call it ringing methods and some methods are more challenging than others. You have fun but there is a more serious side to it as some of the bells are 400 years old so you have to be careful. They are also very heavy – some weigh up to one-and-a-half tonnes.”

The jubilee peel starts off on Saturday at St Gregory’s Church at 2.30pm, followed by St Peter’s on Market Hill at 5pm on Sunday.

q If you are interested in bell ringing, or would like more information, contact Derek on 07810 342040.

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