Call for help to repair ‘worst road in village’

WHAT A MESS: The size of the holes along Phillips Field Road appear big enough to engulf residents.
WHAT A MESS: The size of the holes along Phillips Field Road appear big enough to engulf residents.

Residents living along a road dubbed the “worst in Great Cornard” say urgent improvements are desperately needed.

The condition of Phillips Field Road has become so poor that those living in the area claim it is unsafe.

Often in need of repair, the road and footpath have taken a battering from the wet weather and they have been left with potholes and an uneven surface.

“It has been in quite a state for the last six to eight months,” said resident Cynthia Hume.

“With all the rain, it has got worse, and when there is heavy rain there is nearly a flood. It is terribly bad and is the worst road in Great Cornard.”

Babergh District Council has stopped sending refuse lorries down the road due to the problems. Instead, residents are required to haul their rubbish to a large bin at the end of the road where it is collected.

“The bins have not been collected since Christmas because a binman sprained his ankle while pulling a bin along the road,” said Mrs Hume, who lives with her husband Stuart.

“We have one large bin for everyone, which is not enough and is overflowing. We have had rats coming into the garden because of this and so have the neighbours.”

Although the road is privately owned, the footpath alongside it is owned by Suffolk County Council.

Mrs Hume, who has lived in the street for nearly 40 years, said residents paid around £30 each a year to try to keep the road passable, but it needed some permanent improvements.

“We normally get a tractor in to try to flatten it but, because of the weather, it has not been possible,” she said.

“I would like to see it flattened properly and rolled out.”

Mrs Hume added that residents would be writing to the county council and were hopeful that work could be incorporated as part of a proposed housing development at the former Guilford Europe factory site.

Peter Beer, district councillor for Great Cornard, said there was no plans presently in the pipeline to fix the unadopted road.

“But we are hoping benefits from the new development could help the situation,” he said.

He added that the district council was exploring alternatives for the current refuse collection method as it was “not ideal”.

A spokeswoman for the county council said: “We would like to thank the residents for making us aware of the issues with the pavement in Phillips Field Road.

“We will look into the issues raised.”