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Businessman accused of conspiracy to murder ‘knew nothing of shooting’

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001

A businessman accused of conspiracy to murder told police he knew nothing about the shooting of his daughter’s ex-partner, a court has heard.

Colin Deferia, 59, of Battisford Road, Barking, was arrested following the incident in Bury St Edmunds on August 4 last year.

After three men burst into a flat armed with a sawn-off shotgun, Jonathan Cathchpole was shot at point-blank range but survived following surgery to remove 42 shotgun pellets and cartridge wadding from his chest

It is alleged that Deferia, formerly a director of a company at Rougham, arranged to pay £12,500 for the “assassination” of Mr Catchpole who had previously been in a relationship with his daughter.

Today Ipswich Crown Court heard how, when asked about the shooting, Colin Deferia said: “It doesn’t happen in Bury, does it?”

Prosecuting, Joanne Eley said that during the same interview, Deferia also said: “I didn’t have anything to do with this and neither did my family.”

Deferia also denied that the three men alleged to have been at Mr Catchpole’s flat had ever visited his home at Barking.

The court heard a statement made by Daniel Newman, a manager at a supply company which had dealings with Deferia who, he said, had in 2015 asked him to receive and then forward to him an email and then delete it from his computer system.

Mr Newman said that despite being told not to look at the attachment to the email he looked and it appeared to be about someone who was being monitored.

After complying with a second request involving an amended version of the attachment, Mr Newman said he drew it to the attention of his managing director.

Miss Eley said that Mr Newman had been concerned and as a throwaway remark said to Deferia: “I’m not signing someone’s death warrant here?” to which Deferia replied “No.”

The prosecution case is that Mr Catchpole was watched and intimidated in the months leading up to the attempt on his life.

It has been alleged by the prosecution that Deferia recruited four other men to help in a conspiracy to kill Mr Catchpole. Simon Webber, 31, of Sydenham Close, Bridgwater; Frank Warren; 51, of Victoria Road, Dorchester; Andrew Seaton, 40, of Frome View, Maiden Newton and Paul Baker, 35, of Neils View, Maiden Newton together with Deferia have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to murder.

Warren and Seaton along with Webber, who is said to have been the man who pulled the trigger, have also denied attempted murder.

The trial continues.

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