Tax office still empty

ONE of Sudbury’s most prominent unused buildings will remain empty for now after interest in the site fell through.

Planning permission for a change of use to the former tax office in Newton Road, allowing shops on the ground floor while retaining office space above, was granted to Kersey and Dedham-based investors Hymas & Dufresne in February.

It had planned for a soft furnishings company to take over the site, but the company has pulled out.

Peter Whatley, an agent for the investors which has since changed its name to London Property Corporation, said: “We were speaking to a few people, some of whom wanted to change the use but we would like to keep it as retail.

“It is a case of waiting. We are quite at ease and we’d rather get the right tenant. It is not a good time for business generally though. In an ideal situation we’d have leased it by now.”