Sudbury club could lose licence

A SUDBURY social club may be stripped of its alcohol licence after it held a public music event without permission, writes Elliot Pinkham.

Babergh District Council’s licensing sub-committee will decide next week whether to remove Northcroft Social Club’s alcohol and regulated entertainment licences.

The sub-committee’s report stated that council enforcement officers visited the club on April 8 to find 120 people, including non-club members, at a drum and bass event that included a public bar.

James Buckingham, principal environment protection officer, had written to club treasurer David Dreyer a few days beforehand after receiving complaints that the event had been advertised.

In his letter, Mr Buckingham warned that the council “would treat any such events as a serious contravention of your club premises certificate”.

The council had also contacted the club in December 2011 after allegations that it was holding unlicensed poker, bingo and quiz nights as well as live music, which were being advertised as free entry and open to the public on the social networking website Facebook.

Northcroft Social Club has had its club premises certificate under the current legislation since 2005, prior to which it held a club registration with the magistrates’ court.

The club premises certificate allows the club to sell alcohol and provide regulated activity to members and guests. It requires a premises licence or temporary event notification to do so to the general public.

Both Babergh District Council and Mr Dreyer declined to comment on the matter when contacted by the Free Press.

If the licensing sub-committee does remove the club’s licences, an appeal can be made.