Storage idea is streets ahead

CRAFTSMAN: Peter Hunt with one of his creations.
CRAFTSMAN: Peter Hunt with one of his creations.
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There is no place like home when it comes to storing your prized possessions or simply tucking away bits and pieces out of sight.

And craftsman Peter Hunt has come up with a unique solution ... cupboards that look like houses.

“You could even make up a whole street,” says Peter whose long career in craft includes producing handmade dolls houses.

“The cupboards can be hung on the wall, or stand on the floor. I make two and three storey versions, I could even do four storey.

“They can also be made with shopfronts, so what is inside can be displayed.”

Peter has run Perfect Miniatures in Friars Street, Sudbury for almost four decades.

But while he makes cupboards for tidy-minded customers he admits he is far from the world’s neatest person, adding: “I never put anything away.”

For more information call Peter on 01787 375884.

THE HOME FRONT: Peter Hunt with some of his creations