Sports store creates 30 jobs

A NEW sports shop, which opened in Sudbury at the weekend creating 30 jobs, is “excellent news” for the town.

Sports Direct, which has more than 400 branches across the UK, opened its shop in North Street on Sunday in premises formerly occupied by clothing shop Bon Marché.

John McMillan, chairman of Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, said: “I think this is excellent news – I am really pleased about it.”

He explained that the new venture would hopefully benefit Sudbury’s independent retailers too.

“Competition tends to help the smaller shops weirdly,” he said. “Whereas before people would go to Colchester or Bury St Edmunds, now they will stay in the town.

“People like to make comparisons when they buy, so they’ll go into Sports Direct and also check out smaller retailers like Sudbury Sports and Leisurewear.”

The new shop has created 30 part-time jobs.

Mr McMillan explained that while shops in North Street were not closing any faster than normal, the rate of new openings had slowed.

“I can’t think of anything other than positives coming from this,” he said.

A spokesperson for Sports Direct said: “We are delighted to have opened our new store in Sudbury.

“As our company continues to grow throughout the UK, our ethos has never changed in that we offer our customers the biggest brands in all types of sportswear, footwear and sports equipment at low prices.”