Rules are being ignored

CAB drivers in Sudbury have hit out at the lack of taxi ranks in the town, writes Elliot Pinkham.

John Calvino, from Deanery Close, who drives a Hackney carriage for Sudbury Town Taxis, said rules governing taxis in Sudbury were being ignored, with private hire firms parking in bays designated for Hackney carriages.

“It is illegal for private hire firms to pick up off the street,” said Mr Calvino. “They park up in our rank, as do the police, who turn a blind eye to it – nobody is enforcing it.

“They are depriving us of trade and the council isn’t doing anything about it,” he added.

There are currently a total of 10 designated taxi rank spaces in Old Market Place and at the train station.

Carol Todd, whose husband Neville drives a Hackney carriage in Sudbury, said there is little choice when it comes to parking in Sudbury.

Mrs Todd, from Brands Close in Great Cornard, said: “He’d prefer not to park outside the bays, but there are only a few spaces for 26 Hackney carriages.

“Taxi drivers don’t want to irritate anybody but, if Babergh is going to issue licenses, we’d like it to make more spaces too.”

A council spokeswoman said: “Unfortunately, Sudbury town centre does not lend itself to further rank spaces and Hackney drivers should be sensible and flexible in their operation.”