Reduce size of sign and conform with others, says council

A wine retailer located on one of the main entry routes into Sudbury has been told to reduce the size of its sign.

Babergh District council ordered Majestic Wines Warehouse in Northern Road to either lower the front sign above its store or take three inches off the top.

The company had applied to the authority for retrospective planning permission to put in place a fascia sign, howbut the council’s development committee ruled the sign went against planning regulations as it was too big.

“The sign is massive compared with others in the area and is very prominent,” said Adrian Osborne, district councillor and deputy mayor of Sudbury.

“It is outside the town and country planning act and has to conform with the others.

“It can’t be one rule for one and one rule for another.”

Mr Osborne said the town council had refused permission for the sign and he believed it created a negative first impression of Sudbury.

“This is a main entry point to the town and these type of things make a difference,” he said.

“It could affect something like judging for Anglia in Bloom and we want to look as good as we can.”

Majestic Wines, which opened in the town in November, was granted permission to put up a “totem” sign, separate from its premises, by the council on Wednesday.