Prolog boss explains agreement changes

A director at Prolog has defended proposed changes to its agreement with Babergh District Council for its Sudbury development.

Sudbury Town Council and Chilton Parish Council hit out at amendments to the company’s section 106 agreement for the project in Church Field Road, which was granted planning permission in May last year.

Councillors said they were worried about a lack of guarantee for job numbers and occupation of the buildings by Prolog.

Peter Tyrer, director at the marketing and logistics company, said the company had proposed a completion date for building work.

“What we have agreed is to complete the development on that site within seven years,” he said.

“Normally, once you have started building, there is no completion time, but we understood it is unrealistic to see a building site there for some time so we offered seven years.”

He said plans had never guaranteed 500 jobs.

“Commercially, you can’t guarantee that, but it is still our estimate that, once complete, the development will create 500 jobs – and it could well be more,” said Mr Tyrer.

He added concerns over possible occupation of the site by other companies was unnecessary.

“If you have a provision that the only occupant for five years will be Prolog, anybody funding the build will say ‘what happens if Prolog goes bust’,” he said.

“It is not a realistic danger but banks always look on the downside, so that gives us flexibility.

“We would not dream of developing in Sudbury other than for our own occupation.”

The proposals will go before the district council at a later date.