Precinct’s £168,000 makeover work to start on Monday

The refurbishment of Sudbury’s Borehamgate Precinct, which is expected to cost £168,000, will begin on Monday.

The Local Shopping Reit, which owns the precinct, will foot the bill to replace floor tiles with non-slip stone slabs, render wall tiles and build steps and a new ramp at the precinct’s King Street end.

The work is expected to take until mid-February to complete, with a two-week break scheduled over Christmas.

John Owen, associate director of project managers Eddisons, said: “We are going to have to liaise with tenants on a regular basis and, if they are concerned about Christmas trade, we may shut down earlier, from December 10.

“We want to make this as easy and friendly as possible.”

The entrance to the precinct from Great Eastern Road will be closed to pedestrians from Monday.

The existing tiles have been blamed by several shoppers for causing slips and falls, including Gary Drury, 23, two weeks ago.

A Babergh District Council spokeswoman said that, after environmental health officers had contacted Mr Drury and The Local Shopping Reit, the council was happy with the planned work.