Lack of guarantees on jobs for Prolog site criticised by council

Proposals to change an agreement for Prolog’s £50million development, which provides no guarantee on job numbers, have provoked council objections.

Sudbury Town Council recommended refusal to an amended section 106 agreement proposed by the marketing and logistics company for its warehouse and office development, approved a year ago, on Monday.

The proposal no longer includes the guarantee of 500 jobs at the site, instead stating Prolog must make “reasonable endeavours to create more jobs”.

It also seeks to extend the period during which Prolog does not have to build on the site to seven years, with an option to request further extension, as well as limiting its occupancy to 18 months, reduced from five years, before another occupier could be found.

Jan Osborne, chairman of Sudbury Town Council’s planning committee, said: “There is no guarantee of any jobs at all and the buildings wouldn’t have to be occupied for seven years. It leaves it wide open.”

She added that the National Planning Policy Framework states that impacts on heritage and open space should be compensated by substantial community benefits.

“We accept the problems that these businesses are experiencing at the moment but we are the protectors of the town and feel that this agreement doesn’t balance out the other impacts.”

Mrs Osborne added: “We support sustainable economic development in the town and we support jobs.

“We want Prolog to go back to the drawing board.”