Hadleigh venture draws on knowledge

A HADLEIGH man has decided to put his knowledge of Suffolk to good use by starting a business providing chauffeur-driven guided tours in the county.

John Hatfield, 60, from Stone Street, knows the best place to see muntjac deer and where to view the remains of a wartime Zeppelin.

Part of the reason that he is well acquainted with interesting facts and figures is that he already runs a pub quiz business. Now he hopes his newly-launched tour company, Iceni Tours, will take off.

He has already started tours on the Suffolk coast, including both the well-known and the less remarked-upon elements.

An Alaskan family of four, including a grandmother and four-year-old grandson, recently benefited from his knowledge of the county where he has lived for 32 years.

“You could say that Iceni Tours combines the two great passions of my life: the Suffolk coast and getting the answers to questions – even quite hard ones – absolutely right,” said John.

“An Iceni Tour would be a perfect experience both for people visiting our lovely county for the first time, or for those who’ve been here all their lives and think they’ve see just about everything our coastline has to offer. I bet I’ll show them something they didn’t know.”