Downpour to blame for leak at Waitrose

Shoppers got a shock when water started leaking from the ceiling of a Sudbury supermarket.

Torrential rain on Monday night meant visitors to Waitrose were forced to give certain aisles the swerve to avoid getting wet.

One shopper said the water had started “gushing” into the shop at around 6pm.

“It was not just a little leak, there was quite a lot of water coming in,” she said.

“The staff were pretty quick to isolate the area and most people just went about their shopping as normal.”

The leak affected an aisle shelving a number of electrical goods, including iPods, and continued for around an hour.

Chris England, section manager of customer services, said minimal damage had been caused and it was believed the combination of the heavy downpour and the supermarket’s flat roof had resulted in the problem.

“The heavy rain was the cause of the leak, but it didn’t affect us too badly,” he said.

“Customers could still get on with the majority of their shopping and only had to steer clear of a small part of the store.”

Mr England said the leak had now been fixed.

“We have had some maintenance carried out and everything is sorted,” he said.

A fault with the store’s telephone line is also in the process of being resolved.