Business health checks

BUSINESSES could save money with free health workplace health check sessions.

The sessions, aimed at employees aged 40 to 64 who are registered with a Suffolk GP, are carried out by a qualified nurse and consist of height and weight measurement, blood pressure and cholesterol testing.

Olive Quinton, NHS Suffolk’s health improvement facilitator said: “Businesses lose a staggering amount of money each year through employee sickness absence and reduced productivity due to ill health.”

Sickness absence cost businesses, on average, £692 per employee and in 2010 a total of £15.1 billion was lost through reduced productivity due to ill health.

“Health check can detect any underlying health issues and help prevent them becoming a problem in the future,” said Mrs Quinton. “This will bring about reduced levels of sickness absence, bringing with it financial savings for the business.”

To book a free health check for your workplace e-mail