Burying Cavendish memories

Cavendish time capsule
Cavendish time capsule

THE secrets of village life were due to be buried in a time capsule in Cavendish last night.

Residents and schoolchildren from the village have contributed to the capsule, which will was set to be buried at a mystery location.

Items included in the lead lined box – built by villager Arthur Kemp – included information about current affairs, coins, keyrings and even cuttings from the Free Press.

“If the capsule is ever dug up by people from out of space, they will wonder what it is all about,” said Mr Kemp, the former post master of the village from The Green.

“Only the parish council will know where it is buried and hopefully it will be there for a long time.”

The capsule had been kept at the Duck or Grouse community shop, where people were invited to add pieces recording memorable events.