Brownies appear on TV

A BROWNIE group threatened with closure after numbers dwindled to just one member has received a boost from BBC’s The One Show.

At one point, 1st Acton and Waldingfield Brownies had 25 members, but the Free Press reported last week that that number had fallen to just three girls. With two more due to leave in the new year as they turn ten, Lucy Chapman, 8, would have been the sole survivor.

But now the group has been thrust into the national limelight, giving them renewed hope for the future.

The group’s Brown Owl, Derinda Gardner, said: “Because of the newspaper articles about us, the BBC invited us along to The One Show on Friday.

“All three girls went along and they all loved it. It was good fun to be on the show and a great opportunity to promote their Brownie unit.”

Lucy, along with group members Olivia-Anne Turkentine, 9, and Caitlin Hattrell, 9, were interviewed on Thursday before the live show while they tried their hands at climbing, before Lucy gave a presentation on the Brownies to Woodhall Primary School pupils in Sudbury.

“The children seemed really positive and there was a lot interest in joining,” said Mrs Gardner.

“I’m quite surprised by the amount of publicity and interest there has been about our unit, but it’s been great and really nice to see.”

Mrs Gardner is hoping the group sees some uptake from The One Show’s five million-strong audience.

“So far we’ve had some one enquiring about joining up in the new year, and we are hoping to get more calls after Christmas,” she said.