Brother’s suicide inspires 10,000-mile charity rally

RALLY: The four men will drive 10,000 miles to Mongolia.
RALLY: The four men will drive 10,000 miles to Mongolia.

Four friends will drive 10,000 miles across the globe from Sudbury to Mongolia next year to raise money for a suicide prevention charity.

Harry Campbell, Adam Green, Zach Isom and Richard Everett are taking part in The Adventurists Mongol Rally, in which teams must get from their chosen starting point, via 10,000 miles of any route they choose, to Mongolia in six weeks, finishing by August 30 next year.

They have given themselves a year to raise as much money as possible. It will be split between Cool Earth, which aims to save rainforests, and Papyrus – a charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide in the young.

Mr Campbell, who lives in Sudbury and works at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds, said: “I am doing it for family reasons – my brother, Matthew, took his own life at 21 about six months ago.

“Since his funeral, we have been coming up with ideas to raise money for Papyrus.”

Matthew, a former Sudbury Upper School pupil, was struck by a train in Staffordshire, where he was studying for a film degree, in February.

Rally rules state the trio must use a car with an engine no bigger than one litre and must carry out all repairs on the journey themselves.

“It has to be the kind of car you wouldn’t trade for a packet of crisps,” said Mr Isom, a music teacher. “We are looking at buying something like a Mitsubishi Colt or Fiat Panda for about £50.”

Mr Green, from Acton, added: “We are going to make the most of it. We are aiming to get to Mongolia on the rally’s penultimate or final day.”

Their roundabout route, which can be tracked using the event’s website, will see them sleeping in tents and eating rations as they drive through France, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia.

“We are going north to go east – we want to steer clear of Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Mr Green, a university student.

“We will never forget doing this, either for good or bad reasons – we may be sick of each other by the time we finish.”

As well as sponsorship and fundraising, the friends are looking for donations of tools, equipment and food.

“We want to raise as much money as possible for both the charities,” said Mr Campbell.

To make a donation, go to Anyone interested in sponsoring the group or providing assistance can contact Mr Green on 07794 204798.