Broadband to get faster

SUDBURY and Hadleigh are to have faster broadband speeds from next year as part of plans to upgrade telephone exchanges by telecoms giant BT.

The company has named 12 towns set to benefit from its £2.5billion fibre broadband programme, due to be completed this time next year.

It says 134,000 homes and businesses will benefit from the move, doubling current download speeds.

Dave Hughes, BT’s regional director for the East of England, said: “A music track can be downloaded in about two seconds, a whole album in 30 seconds and a feature-length high definition movie in 10 minutes.”

It says it hopes further Government funding will help tackle the problems of improving broadband connections to rural communities.

Suffolk County Council is investing £439,000 in a better broadband programme over the next four years.

It says Suffolk currently has one of the poorest broadband coverages in England with the average broadband speed currently experienced by householders and small businesses under five megabytes per second.