Bridge is an ‘accident waiting to happen’

BRIDGE WORRIES: Mums Kirsty Trevatt, centre, and Ann Hedges, left, with their children on the footbridge.
BRIDGE WORRIES: Mums Kirsty Trevatt, centre, and Ann Hedges, left, with their children on the footbridge.

A mother has raised concerns about the state of a footbridge in Sudbury which she says needs urgent attention before an accident happens.

Care worker Kirsty Trevatt, from Beatty Road, uses the bridge on Springlands Way to walk her children – Winnie, 10, and Taya, 14 – to nearby schools.

She says the wooden boards are loose and rotten, with raised edges, and they are causing a potential hazard for pedestrians and cyclists.

Another mum, Ann Hedges, whose children Corey, nine, and Courteney, seven, attend Woodhall Primary School, says she is scared to walk across the bridge but has no other alternative as she cannot drive.

“About four or five months ago, a woman put her foot through one of the boards because it was rotten,” said Mrs Trevatt. “That hole’s been patched up, but I am very concerned about the poor state of the bridge. I’m just waiting for an accident to happen – for someone to go through it.”

Mrs Trevatt estimates there are dozens of children walking across the bridge – which is located between Stanley Wood Avenue and Grenville Road – every day, making their way to Woodhall Primary School, Ormiston Sudbury Academy, Tudor Road Primary School and All Saints’ Middle School.

“I’d prefer not to walk across it because it’s in an awful state, but I refuse to drive because it’s so close to their schools,” she said.

“This bridge has been here for 40 years but, as far as I know, apart from this recent patching, I don’t think it’s been touched.

“There’s only sheets of ply board between you and the road. It actually feels really bad – you can feel the bridge shaking when people walk past you on it. The boards are all loose, and they move up and down. People can easily trip up them because some of the edges are sticking up.”

Mrs Hedges, also from Beatty Road, who is a caterer at Woodhall Primary School, said: “A woman actually fell through a board three or four months ago but I don’t know if she was badly hurt.

“Apart from repairing the hole, nothing else has been done to the bridge but it could do with being repaired or even being replaced. It is quite old now.

“I would say dozens of children and adults use this bridge regularly. I am really scared of going across because the boards are so wobbly and the joints are loose.”

Suffolk County Council has carried out a programme of footbridge refurbishment in the area, including replacing a footbridge across First Avenue and also across Springlands Way.

As the Free Press went to print, the council’s bridges officer was unavailable but a spokeswoman said the council would be looking into it.