Boy racers keep residents awake with atrocious noise

A Sudbury woman has called for police to do more to prevent groups of teens creating noise and speeding through the town at night.

Jill Garrett, from Hyde Road, said she and her two sons were being kept awake several nights each week by up to 30 cars which gather in the nearby car park at Kingfisher Leisure Centre.

“It can be every night, some of them have great big exhausts that sound like they are backfiring and they just do circuits around the one-way system – the speeds they hit are very worrying,” said Mrs Garrett.

She said the noise starts at around 10pm and has continued until 3am at times.

“My neighbours and I have been ringing the police every time it gets beyond 11pm or midnight,” said Mrs Garrett.

She was visited by police officers on Friday who she said had tried talking to the drivers – aged in their late teens or early 20s – and waiting near the car park to catch them speeding.

“It has been going on as long as I’ve lived here, which is nine years, but I think this is the worst it has been,” said Mrs Garrett. “It is absolutely atrocious.

“If there was a police carparked in the approach road and some yob came past, I think they would turn around.”

Mrs Garrett added: “I don’t care if they just push the problem somewhere else.

“The police don’t seem able to put someone down there to be a deterrent.”