Bigger signs are needed

LARGER signs are needed to deter drivers from parking illegally on market days in Sudbury.

That is the view of the town council which believes the number of cars parking in the way of stallholder pitches and by the side of the road on Market Hill during a Thursday and Saturday has risen.

Traders have long complained about vehicles disrupting their business, and during a meeting of Sudbury Town Council last Tuesday, council clerk Sue Brotherwood said things were getting worse.

“There seem to be a lot of cars parked illegally on market day,” said Mrs Brotherwood.

Inspector Paul Crick, from Sudbury Police, said it was now against the law for officers to put out cones to prevent illegal parking, as it should be done by the highways authority, and this may have led to the rise.

Councillors agreed to look at getting bigger signs to deter drivers.